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The truth about new car servicing

The truth about new car servicing


When purchasing a new car from the dealership, most people get told they have to bring the car back for it’s servicing, but in reality, this is not the case.

Did you know you are entitled to take your new car to your trusty mechanic and as long as certain conditions are followed, you keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact.

So, what are the key points to keep your warranty intact? If you’ve chosen to take your new car to an independent workshop they must, have qualified staff, use genuine or equivalent parts and follow the manufacturer’s specifications as to what is required and when.

Qualified staff

Looking around for a workshop to service your new car? One thing you have to make sure of is the staff are qualified to carry out the service. You’re also most likely to meet the qualified mechanic who serviced your car compared to a dealership who has 50 people running around.
If you’re thinking of servicing your new car yourself, you will definitely void your car’s warranty.

Does an independent workshop have to use genuine parts?

No, an independent workshop does not have to use genuine parts to service your car as long as they are equivalent to genuine. Your mechanic is allowed to fit those parts without voiding your warranty.

In most cases, whilst a car is under warranty, we continue to use genuine parts to ensure the exact same level of quality is maintained.

Manufacturer’s specifications

All new cars come with a manufacturer’s handbook or now a digital service record, this is what needs to be followed. This outlines what needs to be done and when and also specifications when it comes to lubricants and fluids.

One way you may accidentally void your warranty is if you don’t service your car on time, whether it’s by the km’s or by the months. Keeping up to date and servicing your car when its recommended by the manufacture is a must.

Can an independent workshop stamp my logbook?

Most logbooks have a box that says an authorised signature or dealership stamp is required, but yes, an independent workshop can stamp your logbook if they have completed and followed all of the conditions outlined for that service.

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