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Cooling systems can be one of the most overlooked or underserviced areas in your vehicle, yet are also one of the most common causes of breakdowns and often lead to expensive repairs. Prevention is the best cure when it comes to cooling systems and this is done by periodical replacement of coolant and cooling system components.

A fully functional and efficient cooling system circulates coolant to reduce heat around your engine. It is essential in preventing overheating, therefore reducing wear and tear of engine components. If your dashboard shows your car is running hotter than normal or you are leaving puddles of coolant where ever you park, it is time to have your cooling system checked out.

cooling system services in burgess automotive


• Cooling system flushing and coolant replacement

• Pressure testing to aid in coolant leak detection

• Radiator repair and replacement

• Water pump and hose replacement

• Heater core removal and replacement

• Overheating repairs


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  • What is coolant and what is its role?

    Engine coolant is a formulation of chemicals that protect engine components from corrosion while providing an effective heat exchange medium to remove excess heat from the engine.

  • Is flushing the system necessary?

    If we don’t flush, light scale, sediments and depleted inhibitors remain in the system, which can lead to leaks, corrosion and overheating. Flushing before filling with fresh coolant also prevents contamination from the previous coolant.

  • What if I need to top up my radiator?

    When the engine is cold, you should top up with a premixed version of the same coolant that is already in the cooling system. If you are unsure about the coolant in your system, top up using good quality water. Needing to add to the level in the radiator generally indicates a leak in the cooling system that will require attention.

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