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car air conditioning servicing at burgess automotive
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Your car air conditioning system needs regular servicing, the compressor needs oil, the filters need cleaning or replacing regularly and the rubber seals need to be checked for any leaks or deterioration.

In a car air conditioning system the refrigerant gas needs to be recharged completely within four years from the manufacture date and every two to three years after that. Getting a yearly car air-con service will help to avoid costly breakdowns – and a well serviced air-con in your car helps you use less petrol.


• Air conditioning system servicing

• Leak testing

• Repairs

• Fault finding

• Deodourising / Anti Bacterial treatments

• Regassing

• Installations

• Climate control system repairs

• Air conditioning system pipe and hose repairs


R134a Air conditioning system service & regas $195.00
R1234yf Air conditioning system service & regas $495.00
Performance and pressure test, advise on repairs $85.00


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  • Can you just "top up" my car air conditioner?

    “Topping up” means adding refrigerant to air conditioning systems before checking for, and fixing any leaks. This is not allowed under the Australian code of practice for automotive systems.

  • Who should repair or service my car air conditioner?

    An automotive licensed technician is the best person to service or repair you car air conditioning. They have the right qualifications and are licensed to identify the cause of the leak and repair it to minimise the risk of future leaks.

  • What do I do if my car air conditioning isn't working?

    If your car air conditioning seems to not be working properly, there could be a refrigerant leak. All car air conditioners use refrigerant, which, if leaked into the atmosphere, will contribute to global warming. By law, if a leak exists, all faulty parts must be repaired or replaced before it is refilled with refrigerant.

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